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photo Rossze, Serena, Wenjie and me

We were classmates in sec 3 and 4, MGS. I've still got the negatives of the pictures that we took of ourselves dressed in Chinese royalty garb when we went to the Chinese Gardens to do a project. I've also got photographs of us doing some funny dance atop the cabinets at the back of our classroom. I treasure all the memories of our class, our jokes, our outings, our in"nu"endoes and double entendres on the word "moles".

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photo Pearl, Adeline and me
I've known Pearl since primary 1. We used to take the same school bus. I remember our favourite seat on our way home being just behind the bus driver. We sat there so that we could watch his daily ceremony of picking his nose with the key before sliding it into the ignition! I got to know Adeline when we were classmates at NJC, and discovered that she and Pearl were good friends. During school holidays, the three of us chill out at one of our homes since we live within walking distance of one another.

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photo Me and Yibing
Part and I sat next to each other in primary 3 and 4, when we were in the same class. As class "partners" and best friends, we called each other "Partner", which eventually became shortened to "Part". We still do call each other Part nowadays.


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photo Audrey and me
We were classmates in primary 4,5 and 6. We were also in the wednesday Netball Club together in secondary school.


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photo Me and Lionel
Rossze, our mutual friend, introduced us one Sunday in 1996, before the "A" levels, when we all happened to be attending the same church service. Lionel and Rossze were classmates in ACJC while Rossze was my sec 4 classmate in MGS. I still remember Lionel's first words to me being, "So, how many years younger than Rossze are you?"


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photoI got to know Aloysius when he was in NUS Law for 2 months. He left for Cambridge and is finally back. We're now even closer friends than before. Aloy arranged our accomodation at St Edmund's, his college, and was also our tour guide when my family was holidaying in Cambridge.  




Mervyn, my Law School friend and computer "tech support" is amazing. He found Burger Time, my favourite computer game, on the internet, which is no mean feat since it is a 1982 DOS game which has not been popular for decades. Merv spent one hour online beta-testing my website for glitches. He complains that it is, in his words, "damn ego". Well, hey, this webpage is about ME, and since for social acceptability reasons I can't go around town proclaiming how gorgeous I am, the only place I can do so is here on my webpage!
(Click here to download Burger Time. It may be better to save the file into a floppy diskette as some difficulty may arise in closing this game.)

If, for some reason, you require the services of a professional concert pianist, Albert is your man. He is the dear who taught me simple HTML. Check out Albert's homepage.

Favian has got a really lovely homepage with an evangelistic theme. Visit his site by clicking here.

This is Adrian. He's a fiduciary of mine in Meladrama Inc. He's in Australia. So, we're international, and we specialise in cross-border transactions, internet meetings and midnight gastronomy. He's quite charming.

I got to know Bernard and Lionel when I took a cross-faculty module called "Introduction to Anthropology", and here's a photo of us which Bernard scanned.

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