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click to view enlarged photo Orientation Group S12
This is a photo of my OG. I was in a borrowed NJ uniform because I was singing in the NJ choir for the Chinese New Year celebrations, NOT because I was eager to relinquish the comfy MGS uniform for the waterproof NJ one with epaulet rings that rust and scratch your shoulders.  



click to view enlarged photo S18, my class in the first 3 months
I took Physics in my first 3 months in JC, and so I was posted to S18. Had great fun.  



click to view enlarged photoThe "last supper" with s18
We were at King Albert Park Mac's about to partake a last meal together before collecting the "O" level results the next day.  



click to view enlarged photo S22, my class
I decided to drop Physics and do Econs instead, so I ended up in S22. I'm in the last row, fourth from right. Had gotten a very short haircut, and resembled tweety bird.  



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