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MGS Homepage 1985 - 1994: Methodist Girls' School
I was in MGS from Primary 1 to Secondary 4. I'm always sentimental when I think of my 10 years there. The second verse of the MGS school song describes my feelings aptly:
Down through the years our memories will keep a loving place
For friendships made and pleasures shared, and lessons learned apace
For those who worked and gave their best that we might learn to face
The trials of life with faith and hope and nobly run the race.

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NJC Homepage 1995 - 1996: National Junior College
It was possible for me to have flexibility in choosing "A" level subjects in NJC. I could study Biology, Chemistry, Math and Economics, a subject combination not offered in other junior colleges. This was great because after taking Physics for the first three months, I detested that subject with a vengeance. I was allowed to replace Physics with Econs. Another great thing NJC is that I had the opportunity to get to know lots of people from diverse backgrounds.

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NUS Homepage 1997 - present: National University of Singapore
Now, I'm studying Law at NUS. After that, I'll do my pupillage, my PLC and then I'll face the trials of life (ok, I know that's a bad pun).

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