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God has made me unique. Aside from what is obvious (that I'm beautiful, charming and witty), here are a few more things I bet you never knew about me:
  • the little finger of my left hand is a whole 1 cm shorter than the little finger of my right hand;
  • I can raise my right eyebrow whenever I want to;
  • I write with my left hand, but hold cues, rackets, heavy supermarket shopping bags etc with my right;
  • each of my left and right hands can twirl a pen both ways, i.e. clockwise and anticlockwise;
  • I'm allergic to egg and dust-- I had my blood tested for these allergies when I was a toddler by Dr Seet Ai Mee (who subsequently became famous as a parliamentarian).

Until I came up with the idea for this page, I never consciously realised that each and every one of us has been blessed by the Lord with our own quirks and deformities as well as our own gifts and talents. Thank God for making us who we are!

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