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click to view enlarged photo My parents, David and Rachel

Mom and Dad met when they were both working in Price Waterhouse as accountants. They got married in 1977, and a year later, unto them, a beautiful, charming and witty child was born (me). Mom now works part-time as a private tutor and full-time as a mother and friend to her lovely daughter (me). Dad, an ardent social golfer on weekends, is the finance manager of Sia Huat Pte Ltd, a kitchenware distributor on weekdays.

click to view enlarged photo My grandmother Elice
This is a photograph of Popo and me when I just started to walk. Popo is my mother's mother. She is the sweetest person I know.

click to view enlarged photo Columbus the cat
Mention must be made of our family pet, Columbus. He is 11 years old this year-- a nasty little fellow. This is the story of how we acquired him: It was raining heavily at one November day in 1989 when my mother and her colleagues heard a mewing sound coming from a drain outside their workplace. After lifting off the grate, they discovered a tiny blue-eyed baby cat about to drown in the watery flood. This little kitten was brought home by my mother. We got rid of his fleas and gave him the pompous name of Columbus. He now reigns resplendent in our household, and we obey his every unreasonable command, such as his yells for food at four o'clock in the morning.

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